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Lukáš Žaba


My name is Lukáš Žaba I am a professional sculptor and miniature painter from the Czech Republic. My first encounter with the world of miniatures was in 2010, and I was immediately fascinated. It instantly became my passion that hasn't changed to this day and drives me to do more and more work. Around 2017 I decided to start sculpting my own ideas and projects. With trial and error, thousands of hours put in, slowly trying to grow my own style so that my miniatures would paint well. That is the main thing for me, I'm a miniature painter, and I expect the figure or bust to be enjoyable to work with and that during the process, it teaches me a lot.

In my company Zabaart I am responsible for everything. I do my own concepts, stories about my characters, then I sculpt them, cast them and finally paint them. For sure I'm also a cleaning lady in my cave.

Thanks to your support and liking of my work, I was able to, quit my day job and focus only on creating miniatures, you gave me the gift of doing what I love. I can't imagine life without only a few things, and the world of miniatures is one of them...

Thank you so much for being with me!



Lukáš Žaba

Address: Třebovice

Post Code: Czech Republic

E-mail: zabaart(a)zabaart.com

Instagram - zabaart_

Facebook - zabaart.com